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IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Online

Earn and Learn CE/CPE Credits for just $29 per credit! 

The IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Online (NTFO) provides information for tax professionals from the speakers at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums. The seminars include a 50-minute interactive video of the seminar, synchronized with the PowerPoint presentation and downloadable slides and complete transcripts for each seminar.

NTFO courses may be audited free or purchased for CE credit (testing included).

Back in 2022: Included with your 2022 Virtual IRS Nationwide Tax Forum registration is one free 2022 Nationwide Tax Forums Online (NTFO) credit. NTFO courses are posted in October to, and discount codes will be provided to registered attendees at the end of the 2022 Virtual Tax Forum. The discount code will allow registered attendees of the 2022 Virtual Tax Forum to take one NTFO credit free of charge. Note that all rules of NTFO courses still apply to receiving credit (attendees must pass an exam, etc.). The schedule of the new 15-18 courses that will be available on NTFO will be announced later.

For more information about the IRS Tax Forums Online website click below.